Cupcake Trials in our Shopping Guide

Baker’s Choice


Sugar Rush Baking Company

The Goods White cake with coconut, cream cheese frosting topped with coconut flakes.
Icing to Cake Ratio: 1:2
Sugar Per Cupcake 1 tsp per 2.5 oz serving
Why We Love It “Just enough coconut intensity” paired with “satisfying” cream cheese icing pushes this little guy over the edge.
Sweet Success Secret Neighborliness. Sugar Rush sources its sweet stuff from nearby White Satin Sugar Mill in Georgetown.



Red Velvet
Trophy Cupcake and Party

The Goods Southern buttermilk cake with cocoa, cream cheese frosting.
Icing to Cake Ratio: 1:3
Sugar Per Cupcake 10 tsp per 4.7 oz serving
Why We Love It Trophy’s red velvet is way more “complex” than its cupcake colleagues, and received high points for freshness.
Sweet Success Secret Depth. Valhrona dark cocoa flavors this nuanced red velvet; Shea calls the chocolate “simply the best.”