The Seattle Met staff is, to say the least, a cupcake crowd. We know from Trophies and Royales. But after gathering three flavors from seven bakers (chocolate, vanilla, and baker’s choice) for a blind taste test, we found many more little frosted friends worth swooning over. The real winners, it seems, are local cupcake lovers: There wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.

Page by page, find vanilla, chocolate, and baker’s choice winners and runners-up.

Cupcake Trials in our Shopping Guide

Bakeries Tested: Cupcake Royale, Kimberella Cupcakes, Look Cupcakes, New York Cupcakes, Sugar Rush, Trophy Cupcake and Party, Wink Cupcakes.




Vanilla Vanilla
Trophy Cupcake and Party

The Goods Vanilla flavored butter cake, vanilla buttercream frosting.
Icing to Cake Ratio: 1:3
Sugar Per Cupcake 9 tsp per 4.1 oz serving
Why We Love It One taster summed it up smartly: “the sweet, distinct vanilla tastes like it came from nature, not a chemistry lab.”
Sweet Success SecretRestraint. Trophy Co-owner Jennifer Shea says holding back on confectioner’s sugar leads to creamier buttercream. 



Vanilla Swirl
Sugar Rush Baking Company

The Goods White cake, vanilla buttercream frosting.
Icing to Cake Ratio: 1:2
Sugar Per Cupcake 1 tsp per 2.9 oz serving
Why We Love It The “thick, dense” buttermilk won rave reviews for this mini cupcake.
Sweet Success Secret Quality control. Madagascar Bourbon vanilla—”the purest,” per Sugar Rush general manager Jilyan Perry—flavors this frosting.