June 2010
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Lucky us: We live near some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails in the Pacific Northwest. Want to break a sweat? Take a stroll before lunch? There’s a trail for that.
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Kirkland homeowner Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan discovers the joys of living artfully.
Seth Caswell’s farm-to-table menu at Queen Anne restaurant Emmer and Rye begins with pure ingredients and ends with reasonable prices.
New burger joints, most in Seattle’s northerly latitudes.
The downtown wine bar on Fifth Avenue combines the underlit stylishness and pulsing soundtrack of a crammed nightclub with a menu that so delivers on the current obsessions of the almighty taste bud it might have been cooked up by a focus group.
Here’s how to make Monsoon’s crispy imperial rolls—like spring rolls, only deep fried, and thus better.
Honey wine has been giving us a buzz since before recorded history, and thanks to mead-making operations like Sky River Brewing, it still tastes good.
Conventional economic wisdom says that as big fish at the top of the food chain get scarcer and costlier, consumers should switch to cheaper choices. And recipes should reflect that trend. But the cookbooks tell a different story.
Gary Johnson of the Department of Planning and Development wants to ease the city’s street-food laws to look more like Portland’s. Pioneer Square business owners and residents aren’t as gung-ho.
Tom Douglas says he’s worried about Mario Batali’s 50,000 square-foot project Eately. Find out why.
For Seattle polyamorists, love is a many-partnered thing. And managing the jealousy is a full-time job.
New Yorker editor David Remnick bridges the gaps in the president’s life story with his definitive biography The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama.
Washington Mutual Execs who sang the ditty to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s "Baby Got Back" during a company retreat in Hawaii in 2006. The lyrics were unveiled in April 2010 during a senate hearing on the collapse of the Seattle-based bank.
Here, in honor of the skin shop’s 27 years, 27 of the best Lusty Lady quips, plus a slideshow of memorable marquee one-liners.
Renton’s John McAllister racked up a record-breaking 41,838,740 points in the classic space shoot-’em-up Asteroids in April. This month, the machine is donated to the International Video Game Hall of Fame at the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show.
From now through October 10, the Tacoma Art Museum exhibits The Movement of Impressionism: Europe, America, and the Northwest, which includes works by Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, and American painter William Glackens.
Former Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer Adam Miller runs away with the circus: Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza, which sets up camp in Marymoor Park for nearly all of June.
Richard Hugo House writer-in-residence Karen Finneyfrock share a few tips during a June 8 workshop at 826 Seattle, titled simply: “How to Perform Like I Do.”
Why do so many locals—Billy Burke in Twilight, Mariana Klaveno in True Blood —vamp it up on-screen?
This month’s party guests: Tara Lynn, Celia Vernon, James McAvoy, Jonathan Safran Foer, Mark Emmert, Maddie and Neal Love, King Tut, Joe Hyer.
At Lit on Capitol Hill, Dawn Bassett fashions bold lighting decor for retailers such as Revival Home and Garden and remakes the rooms of her private clients’ homes with couture, custom creations.
Be seaworthy this summer with clean, cool nautical-inspired looks.
Lucky us: We live near some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails in the Pacific Northwest. Want to break a sweat? Take a stroll before lunch? There’s a trail for that.
Trails for Spray Park, Kendall Katwalk, Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls, Skyscraper 
Mountain, Carne Mountain, Spider Meadow, Denny Creek, and Talapus and Olallie Lakes.
Trails for Rachel Lake and Alta Mountain, Tiger Mountain: West Tiger 3, Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, Paradise Valley, and Squak 
Trails for Shi Shi Beach, Ozette Triangle, Grand Valley, and Bogachiel Peak.
Trails for Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm, Hidden Lake Peak, Hannegan Pass, Cutthroat Pass, and Sun Mountain.
Trails for Ape Canyon, Lewis River, and Norway Pass.
Two British Columbia islands—Denman and Hornby—save a family summer vacation from itself.
Christopher McLendon, aka Reno, talks about life as a roadie for the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, AFI, and Jimmy Eat World.
A look at the transformations the Aurora, 520, and South Park bridges and Alaskan Way Viaduct will undergo in 2010.
Rogue limo drivers poach fares and menace passengers, while those who play by the rules lose out.
Kirkland homeowner Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan discovers the joys of living artfully.
Legalizing your unauthorized backyard cottage—or, in zoning geekspeak, “detached accessory dwelling unit”— may not be as easy as it seems. Plus: Why Tangletown, the microneighborhood at the southeast corner of Green Lake, is a coveted enclave.
"I'm going to demo 80 recipes on one app," Mario Batali says of his forthcoming app.
Missed Mario Batali while he was in Seattle for a Kim Ricketts event? Here’s front row access to his Palace Ballroom interview with Tom Douglas.
Plus: Is Mario going "veghead"?
A conversation with Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, assistant professor in the Sociology Department at Georgia State University, who has studied polyamorous couples and families since 1997.
David Remnick talks about Muhammed Ali and Obama, the Clintons and the Tea Baggers, how he managed to write The Bridge, his acclaimed new biography of Barack Obama, while editing The New Yorker, and how he can hear every writer’s voice except his...
Pictures from Celebration of Hope, Food as Art at Bell Harbor, the MS Walk, Breakfast of Hope, Sleep Country USA’s Pajama Bowl, and 826 Seattle’s People Eating and Giving.