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Best Asian Restaurants: Chinese

Chiang’s Gourmet, Red Lantern, 663 Bistro, and Yea’s Wok draw all types of eaters—Chinese families, Koreans, Caucasians, Tom Douglas. Plus Bellevue scores the only Northwest outpost of the revered soup dumpling chain Din Tai Fung.

Best Asian Restaurants: Cantonese Fish House

When on the hunt for black bean squid, black bean crab, or honey walnut prawns, head for Hing Loon, Sea Garden, or T&T Seafood, respectively.

Best Asian Restaurants: Dim Sum

All right, so Seattle is no mecca for dim sum. That said, Joy Palace and Jade Garden do it best.

Best Asian Restaurants: Filipino

At Columbia City’s Kawali Grill, pork dominates the Spanish-influenced menu. (Vegans need not apply.)

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Best Asian Restaurants: Home-Style Japanese

It doesn’t get more old-school in Seattle than the century-old Maneki; Izumi in Kirkland, meanwhile, masters Nipponese classics.

Best Asian Restaurants: Japanese Izakaya

Like the snack bars of Tokyo, Kaname Izakaya and Shochu Bar beckons wary workers with early-evening belts and bites.

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Best Asian Restaurants: Korean

Korean BBQ spot Old Village Korean Restaurant, Wallingford favorite Joule, and the U District’s Korean Tofu House top our list, as does BCD Tofu House for its sundubu jjigae.

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Best Asian Restaurants: Laotian

At Savatdee and Viengthong, Thai standards and Lao specialties share the menu.

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Best Asian Restaurants: Malaysian

Brand new Satay in Wallingford and the ID’s Malaysian go-to, Malay Satay Hut, churn out Southeast Asian staples like Hainanese chicken rice and roti canai.

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Best Asian Restaurants: Sushi

Newcomers Japonessa Sushi Cocina and Sushi Kappo Tamura join the ranks of Shiki, Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant, and Kisaku.

Best Asian Restaurants: Szechuan

Spiced and Spicy Talk Bistro heat up Bellevue and Redmond, respectively, while Mandarin Chef churns out the best hand-shaved noodles.

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Best Asian Restaurants: Taiwanese

Facing East and Henry’s Taiwan master that dazzling cultural hybrid known as Taiwanese cuisine.

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Best Asian Restaurants: Thai

Bai Tong, Chantanee, and Thai Curry Simple serve up the best in Siamese cuisine; May Restaurant and Lounge boasts a phad Thai presentation to leave for dead every other pretender in town.

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Best Asian Restaurants: Vietnamese

Saigon Deli does banh mi best, and Phơ Băc pho, while Hương Binh, Green Leaf, Monsoon, and Tamarind Tree turn out some of the finest Vietnamese menus in Seattle.

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Best Asian Restaurants: The True Taste of Asia

The six most authentic Asian restaurant experiences this side of the Pacific Rim: Joy Palace, Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant, Ho Soon Yi Restaurant, Samurai Noodle, Noodle Boat Thai Cuisine, and Tsukushinbo.