SIFF 2014: Fish and Cat


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Thumbnail for - SIFF 2014: Fish and Cat Let's get this out of the way: Fish and Cat isn't a good film, but its an undeniably interesting one. The main draw of the time-bending Iranian thriller is how it was created. The entire 134-minute film was all shot in one single take. And that camera moves, traveling all around a murky gray forest and seamlessly switching between characters. The cinematic choreography and the precision of the camera work (there's only one minor jerking mistake in over two hours) on display is staggering. Unfortunately, the surreal plot about a group of young campers, the creepy and potentially dangerous old men that live on the land, and one-armed twins feels muddled at best. If you're a hardcore cinephile who can appreciate the process as much (or more so than) the result, then Fish and Cat might be worth seeing.
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May 22, 2014 at 8:30pm
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