Hilary Hahn


Price: $63-$68
Thumbnail for - Hilary Hahn Classical music isn’t always at the forefront of technology, so it’s no surprise that a virtuosic talent like Hilary Hahn doesn’t have Twitter or Instagram accounts; but her violin case does… and they’re verified. The case keeps fans updated on Hahn, who has transitioned from teenage wunderkind in the spotlight to seasoned vet with almost 20 years as one of classical music’s top performers. For her performance as part of the UW World Series, she mixes timeless compositions by Mozart, Schoenberg, and Schubert with modern works like Richard Barrett’s Shade. And yes, the famed case will be in attendance.
Phone: 206-543-4880
Event Categories: Classical Music
April 29, 2014 at 7:30pm
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15th Ave NE & NE 40th St
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-685-2742
Website: meany.org
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