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Thumbnail for - How To Win Friends and Punish Enemies (By Making Bacon)
Jul 19, 2010
Food Lovers' Guide
The Surly Gourmand of on his recipe for home-cured bacon.
Thumbnail for - How To Sous Vide at Home
Jul 19, 2010
Food Lovers' Guide
Scott Heimendinger, aka Seattle Food Geek, on how to cook sous-vide foods at home.
Thumbnail for - Salad Days
Jun 16, 2010
A perfect opener for a summer dinner party, Bastille’s green salad is a fresh take on a French classic. Recipe courtesy of chef Shannon Galusha, and combines a variety of fresh greens with a...
Thumbnail for - Fried and True
May 11, 2010
Here’s how to make Monsoon’s crispy imperial rolls—like spring rolls, only deep fried, and thus better.
Thumbnail for - Let Them  Eat Brioche
Mar 16, 2010
Buttery-sweet brioche is a staple at any boulangerie worth its salt—this recipe from Columbia City Bakery owner Evan Andres is the French classic at its best.
Thumbnail for - A Cherry  on Top
Mar 15, 2010
Mike McSorley, the bar manager at Naga Cocktail Lounge at Chantanee restaurant, shares a recipe for homemade maraschino cherries so you can give your carefully crafted cocktails the garnish they...
Thumbnail for - Ginger Beer Is the Bomb
Jan 25, 2010
Homemade ginger brew makes for delicious cocktails. Seattle bartender Jamie Boudreau shares recipes and tips.
Thumbnail for - Oysters a la NOLA
Jan 13, 2010
At Steelhead Diner Kevin Davis pays tribute to Pacific Northwest ingredients by adding what he knows best: New Orleans flair. Here's his recipe for po'boys.
Thumbnail for - What a Crock
Dec 14, 2009
Delicious, yes. Inimitable? No way. Here’s a recipe for French onion soup from Bellevue’s new Artisanal Brasserie.
Thumbnail for - Home on the Range Holiday Dinner
Nov 23, 2009
THERE IS A big difference between your average turkey and a quality, pasture-finished bird. I am firmly of the belief that turkeys should be split into breasts, which cook quickly and dry easily,...
Listing 11 - 20 of 60 Results