The anatomy of the eggplant, broken down by Mark Bittman. Via Sara Krock for The New York Times.

The New York Times: Once again, it’s Bittman rhapsodizing about eggplant; once again, it’s me thinking, ‘Whaddya mean you’d want eggplant over bacon if you got stuck on a desert island?’ Yet once again—as is always the case with this treasure of a food writer—I eat his words off his page right up to the last one, by which point I have almost rethought my personal disdain for the bulbous purple fruit. Almost.—Kathryn Robinson 

The New York Times: Let's talk about something—anything—other than Paula Deen. How about beer-flavored ice cream, an oddly perfect blend of savory and sweet? I'm totally jealous of the beer six-pack down at Portland's Salt and Straw.—Allecia Vermillion

The New York TimesAmerica’s favorite brown liquor joins the ranks of vodka recently—“which has produced more flavors than there are colors in a Crayola 64-pack”—by adding sweeteners and flavors to appeal to a wider market. AKA women. And I got to say, I’m not even mad about the gender stereotyping. Go ahead; add some honey to that whiskey. Just no weird cherry flavors.—Rachel Breiwick

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