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Thumbnail for - Mamma Melina Goes Upscale
Oct 20, 2010
Dept. of Reinventions
Remember Mamma Melina’s former space beneath the Seven Gables on Roosevelt? It was homey, candlelit, a little ragged around the edges. Come-as-you-are for a plate of housemade pasta and a glass...
Thumbnail for - Best Restaurants: Molecular Gastronomy
Oct 20, 2010
Best Restaurants 2010
Spur Gastropub, Spring Hill, Crush, Canlis, and MistralKitchen experiment with the science of food.
Thumbnail for - Just Eat It: Chile Green Onion Ramen at Samurai Noodle
Oct 19, 2010
Food Finds
When people talk about Samurai Noodle, they talk about the tonkotsu. A teeming bowl of long-simmered pork broth, tonkotsu is Japanese ramen cooked the way you want it—soft, medium, al dente....
Thumbnail for - Best Restaurants: The Sidekick
Oct 19, 2010
Best Restaurants 2010
Meet the restaurant offshoot: Cicchetti, Sambar, Licorous, On the Fly, Seatown Snack Bar To Go, and Elemental Next Door.
Thumbnail for - Best Restaurants: Tarts and Sours
Oct 19, 2010
Best Restaurants 2010
Chefs such as Renee Erickson of Boat Street Café and The Walrus and the Carpenter and Matt Dillon of Sitka and Spruce and The Corson Building, plus restaurants like Joule, Nettletown, and Anchovies...
Thumbnail for - Buy Your Veggies From A Boat
Oct 19, 2010
Wednesdays this month, a floating farmers market is docking up at Lake Union Park from noon to 7pm. The market was created by an organization called Farmboat, which aims to revive a century-old...
Thumbnail for - Skillet Makes Capitol Hill Diner Official
Oct 18, 2010
That Skillet diner we’ve been talking about? It’s one step closer to becoming a reality. On Friday the roving restaurant confirmed what trigger fingers have been reporting for some time. From the...
Thumbnail for - Menu Descriptions that…Aren’t
Oct 18, 2010
Dept. of Wha?
Dined at the new Marjorie recently; noting once again its breezy, angular dissimilarity to its previous incarnation in Belltown. Charming still, with the ever-gracious Donna Moodie hosting...
Thumbnail for - The New York Times reviews the Corson Building
Oct 18, 2010
One of my dad’s New England friends recently visited the Pacific Northwest. After his visit, I received an email forward from my dad containing this friend’s travel itinerary. “It might give her...
Thumbnail for - Edmonds Gets Dick’s
Oct 15, 2010
Dick’s Drive-In announced this morning that its sixth location will be in Edmonds, a quiet beach community just north of Seattle. To drum up attention for its new restaurant, Dick’s conducted an...
Listing 2771 - 2780 of 3806 Results