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Nosh Pit
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Thumbnail for - New Alfresco Options
May 17, 2011
Summer in the City
Hang in there, Seatowners, we’re getting more glimmers of sunshine. For when those rays decide to stick around, here’s a rundown of new dine outside destinations. The deck at just-opened Little...
Thumbnail for - Qube Alums Make Their Mark on Seattle Dining Scene
May 16, 2011
Seattle Restaurant Scene
"When Qube opened downtown in 2006," wrote Jess Thomson in a recent article for Seattle Met "with decor inspired by Sour Apple Pucker and a menu concept only Derek Zoolander could explain with a...
Thumbnail for - Now Open: Stopsky’s Delicatessen
May 16, 2011
Early Monday morning chef Robin Leventhal let the twitterverse know that Stopsky’s Delicatessen, the Mercer Island deli, eatery, and bakery she is heading along with Andrew Meltzer, is now doing...
Thumbnail for - More Biscuits!
May 13, 2011
Biscuit Watch
A new obsession here on Nosh: we’ve decided to engage in a game of biscuit watch. The one pictured comes courtesy Volunteer Park Café, home to pastry immortal Heather Earnhardt. The restaurant...
Thumbnail for - Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week: James Beard Edition
May 13, 2011
140 Characters or fewer
This week brought us the James Beard Awards, and it was a pretty dismal year for Seattle. Tom Douglas, the Canlis family, Ethan Stowell, and Matt Dillon were all up for awards but didn’t win. Our...
Thumbnail for - A Free Meal for Two at the Best Restaurant in the World!
May 13, 2011
140 Characters or fewer
Earlier today, Noma chef Rene Redzepi tweeted: "What defines food, basic sustenance, a way of life or something else? The most inspiring definition recieves [sic] a meal for two at noma. Rsvp...
Thumbnail for - SAM Intros Picnic at the Park
May 13, 2011
Summer in the City
Even though the farmers markets won’t be happening this summer, Olympic Sculpture Park will still play host to food folk on Thursday evenings. One of the initiatives Seattle Art Museum has rolled...
Thumbnail for - Nosh Pit’s Afternoon Snack Break
May 12, 2011
Snack Time
Among the many yummers gracing the menu at Monsoon are these crispy imperial rolls. They’re stuffed with a mix of kurobuta pork and shrimp—plus a dash of carrot, yellow onion, and taro root—and...
Thumbnail for - Where to Go in Seattle? Tilikum, Pike Place, and El Gaucho, Says the New York Times.
May 12, 2011
Seattle Food in the News
A reader queried the NYT’s In Transit on Tuesday, asking what to do on an upcoming visit to Seattle. The response from writer Thomas Rivas: go to Tilikum Place Cafe, El Gaucho, Pike Place Market...
Thumbnail for - Cooking Channel To Feature The Confectional
May 12, 2011
Food TV
Seattle is all over food TV, you may have noticed. Next up, Pike Place Market mini-cheesecake shop The Confectional will appear on the Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets this Sunday, May 15th at...
Listing 2761 - 2770 of 4245 Results