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Nosh Pit
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Thumbnail for - Traditional Yakitori Sauce
Jun 24, 2011
Fields makes his version of yakitori sauce, or tare with smoked chicken bones, for the faintest lick of burnt wood in the final flavor. This version skips that step, but if you use a good...
Thumbnail for - Dave Matthews Likes Growing A Farmer
Jun 23, 2011
Seattle Celebrities
Growing a Farmer is longtime local Kurt Timmermeister’s elegantly crafted account of how he became a farmer and lived to tell the tale. If you’ve read the book, or paid a visit to Kurtwood Farms...
Thumbnail for - Dinette Owner’s Response to Neighborhood Challenges: Let Them Eat Lunch
Jun 23, 2011
The Biz
The challenges of operating a destination restaurant on East Olive Way are not few. To begin with, parking is a beast. Dinette owner Melissa Nyffeler used to direct customers to a pay lot on...
Thumbnail for - What Does the Closure of Licorous Mean for Shophouse?
Jun 23, 2011
The news of the closure of Licorous left many wondering what that spells for the bar’s popular Monday dinner series, Shophouse. Wiley Frank, sous chef at Lark and Shophouse operator, gets in...
Thumbnail for - New Street Food Regulations Gaining Momentum
Jun 23, 2011
News/Street Eatin'
Over on Publicola Erica C. Barnett has a recap of Wednesday’s City Council meeting regarding relaxed street food regulations. And things are looking promising! Writes Barnett: The city council’s...
Thumbnail for - Umami Kushi Serves Up Traditional-Style Yakitori Sauce
Jun 23, 2011
When it comes to skewered meats, Seattle yakitori chef Harold Fields (he runs Seattle-based catering company Umami Kushi) sticks to tradition.
Thumbnail for - Nosh Pit’s Afternoon Snack Break
Jun 22, 2011
Afternoon Snack
DeLaurenti did not take take top honors in Nosh Pit’s recent chocolate chip cookie taste test (those went to Volunteer Park Cafe), but hands down D’s submissions boasted the best chocolate of the...
Thumbnail for - The Whoopie Pie Bakeoff Returns to Oddfellows
Jun 22, 2011
Bake Offs
Whoopie pies never did become the Next Big Thing in Baked Goods, as various lifestyle publications promised they would. But no matter, they still offer ample creative fodder for ambitious bakers....
Thumbnail for - Thirty Favorite Spots to Eat and Drink Alfresco
Jun 22, 2011
Summer in the City
Friends, it’s officially summer. Let’s celebrate by raising a fork and glass at one of our city’s finer alfresco destinations. There are many spots to choose from (and the list keeps growing!),...
Thumbnail for - Restaurant Zoë Will Move to Oola Distillery Building on South Capitol Hill
Jun 21, 2011
Restaurant News!
UPDATE: Nancy Leson of the Seattle Times reported Tuesday that the Staples will be closing the Belltown Zoë on July 23, and confirmed that chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough (Spur, Tavern Law)...
Listing 2761 - 2770 of 4346 Results