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Thumbnail for - Cheap Date: Naam
Feb 11, 2010
God knows there’s no shortage of Thai restaurants in this city. But ones with character, sleek design, ambience—heck, any kind of design scheme? We’ll take more of those, please. Chalk one up to...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Valentine’s Day Desserts
Feb 9, 2010
If you can supply the sweetheart, we’ve got all sorts of local goods to really sweeten up your Valentine’s Day. Five bakeries and pastry shops point us to their best-selling treats this time of...
Thumbnail for - Cheap Date: Oddfellows for Brunch
Jan 28, 2010
You know what is a little strange? When people say “global warming” every time there is an unseasonably warm day. I’m no global warming naysayer, but are they crazy? Do they think it’s that...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Wink Cupcakes Opens on Queen Anne
Jan 5, 2010
Like Ugg boots and using the word “locavore” a lot, cupcakes are a trend that seem to be sticking around. Today, January 5th, marks the opening of the first retail space for cupcake caterer Wink...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Savour Opens in Ballard
Dec 21, 2009
What do you get when a 23-year-veteran of the corporate world returns to her first love, food and wine? Savour, the newest specialty shop to flank Ballard’s Market Street. Here owner Holly McLean...
Thumbnail for - Cheap Date: Crumpet Shop
Dec 17, 2009
Crumpets have long been a staple of British cuisine, but here in Seattle, not so much. Thank goodness, then, for the cozy Pike Place Market staple The Crumpet Shop, where the wee, spongy cakes are...
Thumbnail for - Cheap Date: Unicorn Crepes
Dec 2, 2009
Forget what you know about crepes—the flat, floppy presentation, the Nutella and powdered sugar, the French. At Unicorn Crepes in the International District, the pancake pastries are served...
Thumbnail for - Cheap Date: Rizzo’s French Dip
Nov 25, 2009
When they opened their Ballard sandwich spot this summer, the Rizzos were serving around 100 sandwiches a day but still not quite breaking even. After the weather turned this fall, that number...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Tom Douglas Makes Dough
Nov 19, 2009
Douglas devotees got a piece of the Serious Pie last week at a pizza-making demo by chef/owner Tom Douglas. The cross-promoting culinary magnate, who owns the petite pizza parlor along with four...
Thumbnail for - Cheap Date: Po Dog
Nov 17, 2009
For a while there it seemed Po Dog, Cap Hill’s new hot dog joint, would never catch a break. Owner Laura Olsen’s tweets and blog were often peppered with despairing tales of a flaky contractor,...
Listing 131 - 140 of 162 Results