Giant, indeed: The Zip Burger from Zippy’s Giant Burgers

Zippy's Giant Burgers
Even West Seattleites gripe about the obscure Highland Park location of their favorite burger joint, but we think there’s nothing better than coming upon a perfect pile of beef and bun in the middle of nowhere. Just frame your visit to Zippy’s as a summer field trip: Take your time getting there. Meander. Stop and take a photo with a landmark. This way, when you step inside the kitsch-covered, postage stamp–size grill and order behind a guy in paint-splattered coveralls, you’ll feel like you’re on a mythic road journey and you’re about to wrap your hands around a burger worth writing a postcard about. Because truly, the ZIP BURGER, $5.50, a griddle-burnt patty topped with bacon and American cheese between a secret sauce–slathered Franz bun is a classic burger lover’s ideal. Backyard barbecuers dream of flipping it; drive-ins long to serve it. And they can—if they commit to grinding the beef each morning, forming it by hand, and then leaving it alone while it splatters and pops its way to medium-well. For a few dollars you get more than a meal and some wax paper. Zippy’s throws in the essence of convertible cars, AM radios, picnic tables carved with lovers’ initials, and nothing to do but spend all day getting home. Zippy’s Giant Burgers, 1513 SW Holden St, West Seattle, 206-763-1347; www.myspace.com/zippysgiantburgers