Chocolate Lab in our Shopping Guide

Dark Chocolate (sugar and cocoa butter base)


Bittersweet Chocolate Truffle
Cadeaux Chocolates

The Goods Creamy ganache in a crisp chocolate shell.
Percent Cacao: 60
Region of Origin Multiorigin
Why We Love It Heralding it as a “superstar,” samplers described a candy that’s “rich and decadent, with no bitterness or flat flavor.”
Sweet Success Secret Versatility. Shimada can also make pastries, a skill that clearly informed this lustrous, gilded bonbon.



Cocoa Chai

The Goods Pure dark chocolate ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate shell.
Percent Cacao: 70
Region of Origin Venezuela
Why We Love It We liked the “crispy-creamy” texture contrast.
Sweet Success Secret Decadence. Chan revealed that she uses heavy cream with at least 36 percent milk fat.


Honorable Mention 

Mezzanotte Dark
Fiori Chocolatiers

The Goods Creamy, extra-dark chocolate bar.
Percent Cacao: 70
Region of Origin Venezuela and Ecuador
Why We Love It Fiori’s dark horse has a “solid, toasty flavor” with a hint of bitterness.
Sweet Success Secret Globalism. Lee Fiori links the understated, layered flavors to his studies in Japanese cuisine.