To rate Seattle’s top chocolates, we asked local companies for three samples apiece: one milk, one dark, and one candy of their choosing. When we compiled the results, we were surprised to find some newcomers among our top picks.

Page by page, find milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolatier’s choice winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions.

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Chocolatiers Tested: Boehm’s, Cadeaux, Cocoa Chai, Dilettante, Fiori, Fran’s, Seattle Chocolates, and Theo Chocolate.


Milk Chocolate (milk/sugar/cocoa butter base)


Milk Chocolate Ganache with Vanilla Bean
Cadeaux Chocolates

The Goods Milk chocolate infused with vanilla.
Percent Cacao: 34
Region of Origin Multiorigin
Why We Love It We couldn’t get enough of this truffle’s creamy texture and the contrast between its silky center and snappable shell.
Sweet Success Secret Experimentation. Janet Shimada lab-tested 20 trial recipes before arriving at this blend.



Meltaway Mint
Seattle Chocolates

The Goods Truffle bar with creamy, mint-infused “meltaway” center.
Percent Cacao: Blend: 33 milk, 53 cacao dark
Region of Origin West Africa
Why We Love It The hint of mint wasn’t beloved by all tasters, but the “tart, dry finish” pushed it ahead of the competition.
Sweet Success Secret Subtlety. Double-distilled peppermint oil adds a whisper of mint without overpowering the chocolate.


Honorable Mention

Cocoa Chai

The Goods Rich dark milk chocolate truffle.
Percent Cacao: 40.5
Region of Origin Venezuela
Why We Love It “Smoothness” and “balance” were among the praises heaped upon this confection.
Sweet Success Secret Simplicity. Ivy Chan eliminates butter, relying on heavy cream in her ganache to create a velvety mouthfeel.