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Thumbnail for - Private Liquor Stores in Washington State by 2012?
Dec 10, 2009
Booze News
On December 10, KUOW’s "The Conversation," talked to Senator Tim Sheldon (D) about his latest bill attempting to privatize liquor sales by 2012. Sheldon said there is a lot of potential revenue...
Thumbnail for - The Boozy Gift Guide Part V: Fee Bros Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters
Dec 10, 2009
Good spirits
Category: Cheap (under $20)Best for: The hopeless home bartender Aromatic bitters make a superb stocking stuffer for amateur bartenders—especially very amateur bartenders, the ones with all those...
Thumbnail for - La Dee Da Dee (We Like the Toddies)
Dec 9, 2009
Good spirits
Okay, first things first: what is a toddy? A hot toddy refers to any drink that is served warm, but the base spirit is usually rum, brandy, or whiskey. Originally (and often still) administered...
Thumbnail for - Anticipating a Holiday Hangover?
Dec 8, 2009
Potions & Alchemy
“Hangover” is not a word I throw around a lot here on Sauced. Not because I am unfamiliar, of course, but because the idea here is to celebrate the upside of imbibing and leave it to you, dear...
Thumbnail for - The Boozy Gift Guide Part IV: Wine and Whisky Society at Canlis
Dec 7, 2009
Holiday Spirits
Category Luxury Light ($150-$500)Best For Your father, the bon vivant. My Dad is a quirky fellow with lots of odd hobbies and collections. I am getting him an O-Scale tavern for his model train...
Thumbnail for - Kold-Draft in "Paparazzi" Video?
Dec 6, 2009
Check this out: right around 6:02, when Lady Gaga mixes the death potion to kill Alex Sarsgård, that’s a Kold-Draft cube she’s using to chill it, no? Impeccable taste, that Lady Gaga. (The strange...
Thumbnail for - Make this Drink: Bourbon Hot Chocolate from Tilth
Dec 6, 2009
Holiday Spirits
Um, have you seen the weather forecast? Below 40 degrees through Thursday. You’re going to need this recipe for a bourbon hot chocolate (perhaps the best three words in the English language after...
Thumbnail for - The Boozy Gift Guide Part III: Sips and Apps
Dec 4, 2009
Category Cheap (under $20) Best For Anyone over 21 She makes the best food that’s ever been served inside an airport and parties with the boys at Tales of the Cocktail: Kathy Casey is awesome—you...
Thumbnail for - This Week in Drinking
Dec 4, 2009
Booze News
This Saturday, December 5th is Repeal Day, the date commemorating the end of prohibition, when the 18th amendment was repealed and booze came back, baby. (Not that it ever really went...
Thumbnail for - The Boozy Gift Guide Part II: Coasters
Dec 3, 2009
Holiday Spirits
Category Cheap (under $20)Best For Wine swilling queens everywhere A savvy coworker swung by my desk yesterday to show me these tasting-note coasters from a company called Bob’s Your Uncle. She...
Listing 1411 - 1420 of 1725 Results