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Thumbnail for - New Year’s Eve Guide: Bar Events
Dec 21, 2009
Holiday Drinking Events
Thinking about New Year’s Eve four days before Christmas is a little like looking up from the table midway through an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and asking: “What’s for lunch?” Still, NYE...
Thumbnail for - This Week in Drinking
Dec 18, 2009
Booze News
This week in drinking: can you hear us, Mr Douglas? The Seattle Times’ Tan Vinh went to Serious Pie for happy hour this week, and found, as I did, that it’s amazingly tasty and “heartbreakingly”...
Thumbnail for - Five Questions for the Bartender: Jim Romdall
Dec 18, 2009
Vessel bar manager Jim Romdall began his bartending career in college, just after he turned 21. "After college," says Romdall, "I decided I wanted to make movies. So I packed up and moved to LA...
Thumbnail for - The Boozy Gift Guide Part VI: For the Decadent Drinker.
Dec 17, 2009
I’m just going to come out and say it: I like pretty stuff. Girly, pink, frilly, fruity-smelling, cupcake-inspired, Parisian-macaroon-shop pretty. I also like drinking, and all the ritualized...
Thumbnail for - The Holiday Drinking Guide Continues
Dec 17, 2009
Good spirits
Following a tip from a commenter in the holiday hours guide below, I called Andrew Friedman, owner of Liberty, and he told me his bar is open 365 days a year! Pretty great. Also, on Christmas Eve...
Thumbnail for - Holiday Drinking Guide
Dec 16, 2009
Holiday Drinking
Recently, a local bartender emailed me saying he wished that I’d posted about which bars were open on Thanksgiving. Good idea, local bartender, but obviously too late now. So instead, I dreamed...
Thumbnail for - Recently Discovered
Dec 16, 2009
Good spirits
A lot of people associate Lillet with summertime. But this winter, I’m finding a Lillet on the rocks with a twist to be one appetizing aperitif—it’s like a little hit of sunshine just when you...
Thumbnail for - Happy Hour of the Week: Long Provincial
Dec 14, 2009
• HOURS: Sun–Thurs 4–6pm, 10 pm–midnight, Fri–Sat 4–6 pm, 11pm–2am. • PRICES: food specials from $1.50; Drink mixed with Stoli, Jack Daniel’s, Bacardi for $4. The way the happy hour works at the...
Thumbnail for - Coffee with a Kick
Dec 14, 2009
Booze-infused coffee shops—open early, late, and in between.
Thumbnail for - The Happy Hours Keep Coming
Dec 11, 2009
Happy Hour News
You’ll have to fight for a bar stool, but if you get one: score. Matt’s in the Market is introducing an HH that runs from 5 to 7pm, Monday through Saturday. There are drink specials and $7 food...
Listing 1401 - 1410 of 1726 Results