Macklemore (literally) kicks it on top of Dick's.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis may be across the world starting a month long European tour, but they've still found a way make today feel like home. After winning three MTV Video Music Awards last month, the duo has unveiled their new video for "White Walls," The Heist's fourth single. The Cadillac themed video is packed with local flavor including their much ballyhooed appearance at Dick's on Broadway, a cameo by Sir Mix-A-Lot, shots of cruising up the 99, and fellow Seattleite Hollis joining the party to sing the song's chorus. While the video is a rather muddled visual hodgepodge (Macklemore in mariachi garb with a bow and arrows? Elderly makeout sessions?), it's nice to see that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's relentless Seattle repping hasn't wavered in the wake of their success.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Dec 1012, KeyArena, $54 (Limited tickets available for Dec 10 & 11, Dec 12 sold out)

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