nick thune

Nick Thune with his “mockumentary beard”

Seattle native Nick Thune has performed his brand of guitar-aided standup on everything from Conan to Letterman, opened for Mike Birbiglia, and dropped his first comedy album, Thick Noon, in 2010. But just because he’s doing the LA thing now, we won’t let him forget he got his start covering Enrique Iglesias songs with Seattle band No Hablos. On December 1, he’s coming home for a one-night reunion tour at Intiman Playhouse. (He says he’s "reuniting with himself.”) But first, he talked to Seattle Met about the time he worked in casting for the short-lived reality show Nanny 911.

You must have some crazy stories from Nanny 911.
There was one kid who I definitely thought was Satan. He definitely had some kind of demon in him, and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. His parents tied him to the bed—which the doctor suggested, by the way—when he went into these rages. We sent the tape to CPS and said, “This is a situation that might be out of hand.”

You say you’re reuniting with yourself on this tour. Where were you before?
Let’s see. The last time that I played with myself in Seattle must have been, I don’t know, two years ago.

What was that like for you?
It was a good time. The thing is that I have such a huge heart, so sometimes it’s kind of nice to take time away because I know that when I come back it’s going to be that much better.

You’re married, but you refuse to tell Who left the toilet seat up jokes. That’s a pretty rich vein of humor you could be mining.
I know. But my style of humor is, I think, more directed at people who don’t find love.

By the way, in almost every picture of you I see, you’ve got some form of a beard. Today, on a scale of Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line to Joaquin Phoenix in his mockumentary, what’s the status of your facial hair?
I’m going to have to go mockumentary.

That bad, huh?
Yeah, it’s pretty bad right now. But I think you either have a fake drug problem or a real drug problem. And I think the mockumentary drug problem is more enticing to me. I don’t even know what that means.

I don’t either.

Nick Thune is at Intiman Playhouse on Dec 1 at 8pm.