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Thumbnail for - Hamlet, Minus the Hamming
Nov 2, 2010
Theater Review
As the story goes: Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy’s brother poisons him and steals girl, boy’s son is driven to madness, and everyone winds up dead. Oh—did I just spoil the...
Thumbnail for - Natural Spectacle: Jane Goodall at the Fremont Studios
Nov 1, 2010
So much for beer mixers and salmon barbecues. For its 50th anniversary, the Nature Conservancy of Washington pulled out the stops: a grand Born to be Wild Gala at the cavernous Fremont Studios....
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: ZomBCon
Nov 1, 2010
I had one goal when I went to ZomBCon on Saturday: Learn how to kill a zombie. It seemed like a reasonable demand, considering how many of the walking dead roamed Seattle this weekend—in town for...
Thumbnail for - Howl Not Just for James Franco-philes
Oct 29, 2010
Film Review
Howl isn’t just a movie about a poet and his masterpiece. Judging it as a straight biopic is akin to calling Allen Ginsberg’s four-part treatise “Howl” “void of literary merit”—it just doesn’t do...
Thumbnail for - The Sound of Paint Sizzling: Matt Jorgensen’s ‘Tattooed by Passion’
Oct 28, 2010
Painters from Vermeer to Picasso have celebrated music-making. Abstract expressionism is jazz played with a brush; Mondrian made boogie woogie out of squares and stripes. But musical homages to...
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: Inside Hogwarts
Oct 28, 2010
I don’t know who was more excited to toss a Quaffle at the Harry Potter: the Exhibition opening last week: me or the 7-year-old boy I accidentally cut off. But there’s something invigorating about...
Thumbnail for - Met Picks: ZomBCon, Sufjan Stevens, Sounders v. Galaxy
Oct 28, 2010
The Weekend Starts...Now.
FILM James Franco goes from Freak to beat poet chic in Howl, an inventive biopic about Allen Ginsberg screening at Northwest Film Forum all week. Check back tomorrow for our review of the film....
Thumbnail for - The Lieutenant of Inishmore: Blood, Guts, and Cats
Oct 27, 2010
Theater Review
Never…I mean, never come between a terrorist and his cat. That’s Rule No. 1 in Martin McDonagh’s black-as-shoe-polish comedy The Lieutenant of Inishmore —a hilariously twisted story of an Irish...
Thumbnail for - Battlestar Galactica Gets the Seattle Treatment
Oct 26, 2010
Last Friday night, October 22, at the Experience Music Project— the Frank Gehry-designed building that suggests Frank Gehry spent too much time staring at Post Alley’s Gum Wall —fans of the SyFy...
Thumbnail for - The Not-so-Secret Importance of Jesse Bernstein
Oct 26, 2010
Film Review
Thursday’s the last chance to catch I Am Secretly an Important Man, the long-awaited bio of the legendary doomed poet/performer Jesse Bernstein in its regular run at the Northwest Film Forum. (It...
Listing 2321 - 2330 of 3297 Results