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Thumbnail for - The Poet of Generation X
Oct 8, 2010
Books & Talks
He’s been called the poet of Generation X. His work references Diet Coke and Neil Young, drawing in readers more familiar with U2 lyrics than Wordsworth sonnets. But besides having street cred,...
Thumbnail for - Met Picks: Picasso, Jim Gaffigan, and a Tribute to John Lennon
Oct 7, 2010
The Weekend Starts...Now.
VISUAL ART Roughly 150 Picasso pieces, on loan from Paris, have arrived at Seattle Art Museum. Want to sneak a peek before the exhibit opens tomorrow? Click here. In addition to the monumental...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Seattle’s Men with Moves
Oct 7, 2010
Ever since Ray Houle and Gérard Théorêt conceived of Seattle’s all-male dance festival, Against the Grain: Men in Dance, in 1994, there’s been a bit of a … cultural shift. The male dancer? Taboo?...
Thumbnail for - ‘Good Ideas’ Bloom at the Sorrento Tonight
Oct 7, 2010
Books & authors
What do coral reefs, teeming cities, 18th-century English coffeehouses, and Google’s casual workspace have in common? As author Steven Johnson will explain when he leads tonight’s “Words &...
Thumbnail for - Preview: Picasso at Seattle Art Museum
Oct 6, 2010
All that hype surrounding the new Pablo Picasso exhibit at Seattle Art Museum? Well deserved. It’s an enormous collection of paintings, sculpture, and drawings spanning 12 rooms—the kind of...
Thumbnail for - TONIGHT: T.R. Reid on "The Healing of America"
Oct 5, 2010
Books & Talks
Before health care became the touchiest subject in America—before the mustachioed posters of President Obama and death panels—Washington Post’s longtime London bureau chief T.R. Reid was...
Thumbnail for - Guillermo del Toro Talks Movies, Monsters, and Mad Men
Oct 1, 2010
Pop Watch
It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Guillermo del Toro (mastermind behind dark phantasmagoric fantasies like Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy flicks) dresses like a mortician: Black...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Party Pics
Oct 1, 2010
Pictures from Seafair Torchlight Run, Guest Chef on the Waterfront, Sunset Supper at the Market, Auction of Washington Wines, Bellevue Art Museum’s Artful Evening, 13th Annual Hope Heart Classic,...
Thumbnail for - Waiting for ‘Superman’
Oct 1, 2010
Film Preview
Director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) is on a lifelong crusade: to make sense of what he calls America’s “crappy” public education system. “Our school system is broken for too many...
Thumbnail for - Met Picks: Guillermo del Toro, Arts Crush Kickoff, Sumo Wrestling at NW Film Forum
Sep 30, 2010
The Weekend Starts...Now.
Free theater tickets. Dance workshops. Interactive art exhibits. A marathon book-writing session. It’s a month-long Arts Crush, and it starts Friday. But all the insiders know that the real fun...
Listing 2321 - 2330 of 3243 Results