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Thumbnail for - In Memoriam: The Dutchess and the Duke
Oct 11, 2010
Music News
Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison, aka the Dutchess and the Duke, have ended their folk-rock reign in Seattle this week, according to reports. The band was two years old. Despite comparisons to...
Thumbnail for - Minced Meat Words
Oct 11, 2010
Seattle comedian Andy Haynes on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, September 8, 2010
Thumbnail for - Laughing Matter
Oct 11, 2010
Drew Barth and Nancy Reed, two of the top local contenders in this year’s Seattle International Comedy Competition, get sassy.
Thumbnail for - The Perfect Party
Oct 11, 2010
This month’s party guests: Joe Biden, Bart Simpson, John Chelminiak, Melissa Westbrook, Steve Wiebe, Eddie Vedder, Claude Fischler, and Margo Pellegrino.
Thumbnail for - Waiting for a Super Washingtonian
Oct 11, 2010
This fall, Davis Guggenheim released Waiting for Superman, which details the disastrous condition of public education in the U.S., particularly in urban areas. But a study issued by the University...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Northwest Exposure
Oct 11, 2010
Chase Jarvis made a career with images of fast people in far-flung places. Then he pointed his camera at his hometown. The result: the book _Seattle 100: Portrait of a City_.
Thumbnail for - ’Scuse Me While I Sue This Guy
Oct 11, 2010
The good news, Hendrix fans: out November 16 is a four-disc box set chock full of rarities, West Coast Seattle Boy. The bad news: the Jimi Hendrix estate has become "the single most litigious in...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Theatre Blitz (or How to Take Arts Crush Literally)
Oct 11, 2010
Every now and then, I like to challenge myself. Go bungee jumping and skydiving in the same day. Reread every Harry Potter novel in a week. Make it until noon without a cup of coffee. My latest...
Thumbnail for - I Finally Saw The Social Network
Oct 8, 2010
Pop Watch
A few thoughts… You can tell within minutes that this is an Aaron Sorkin script. Jesse Eisenberg (as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg) rattles off lines quicker than caffeinated Gilmore girls in...
Thumbnail for - The Non-Dance Dance of Christian Rizzo
Oct 8, 2010
Dance Review
Christian Rizzo isn’t your typical choreographer. In the not-too-distant past, he’s been a fashion designer, a punk rocker, a visual artist—and now, a choreographer who’s less concerned with...
Listing 2311 - 2320 of 3243 Results