MORT. As in Petite Mort, a 1991 dance choreographed by Nederlands Dans Theater’s Ji˘rí Kylián which appears on the Pacific Northwest Ballet Director’s Choice program. It’s also French for “the little death,” a term which describes the out-of-body satisfaction you get after…being satisfied. No promises as to that particular reaction, but we bet you’ll at least gasp. Petite Mort begins in silence with six half-naked men who balance fencing foils on their fingertips. They slash them through the air, dangle them to the ground, then pick them up with their feet. A Mozart piano concerto kicks in. The dancers rush upstage and return swiftly, covering the space with billowy fabric. They retract it to reveal six women lying in wait on the floor. Kylián calls the dance his way of recognizing “a world where nothing is sacred, where brutality and arbitrariness are commonplace.” We call it breathtakingly bold, erotic, and the piece most likely to cause a stir at PNB since soloist James Moore strutted, strained, and raged to the punk music of the Cramps during Mopey, another stunner that returns for this program. November 5–15, McCaw Hall, 206-441-2424;