Complete your 'chick on a stick' plate with a happy hour drink that (rightfully) comes in a mason jar at Skillet Diner.

A pretentious-yet-cool server sets a heaping plate of meticulously groomed fried chicken and waffles on the table—which is lovingly made of repurposed wood—and there's really only one thing to do. Not eat it, obviously. Well, not before you bust out your phone and Instagram the hell out of it.

We're not too proud to admit performing this ritual on a regular basis. After all, if there isn’t photographic proof, it simply didn’t happen. So if you have a need to display your meals on the internet, these happy hours taste good and pack enough mason jar glassware and glistening poutine to populate five Pinterest posts. You know, for the memories.

Surprise, surprise: a lot of these places are on Capitol Hill. It’s a damn trendy area.

Skillet Diner
This place, with its '50s-meets-Northwest stylings, is just begging for Pinterest shares. First of all, beverages arrive in mason jars. Second, the diner puts on photo contests via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to reward you for your darling documentation (use the hashtag #serioustoast). The two locations—Ballard and Capitol Hill—also have a Golden Girls–themed happy hour. Because, why not. “Golden Hour” goes daily from 3-6, 10pm-close, and offers poutine topped with a pristine and sunny fried egg ($5), chicken on a stick (also fried, and also $5), and a burger with a slathering of the signature bacon jam for $6. Side note: Skillet has a major catering program, and your Pinterest wedding board could probably use some sprucing up…

Seemingly made for photographing, the large street-side windows brighten up the space on even the grayest of days. Instagram the café’s purposefully mismatched chairs, aesthetically pleasing “clutter,” and the bounty of cookies and other goodies that are showcased at the espresso counter. Oddfellows has a solid selection of $5 cocktails, wines, and local spirits. Sadly happy hour is drinks only, but the “good afternoon” food menu that happens from 3-5 has a few savory items like deviled eggs with capers for $5, and a caprese sandwich with a pepper aioli for $8. 

Ba Bar
Eric Banh's Vietnamese establishment on 12th Avenue brings the street food of Saigon indoors, serving it in these spacious, chic, and industrial environs. Moreover, the broad bowls of pho, and Jon Christiansen's array of cocktails make for great photo composition. Ba Bar's happiest hour is from 3-6 daily in the bar only. It's a relatively big menu of small plates like the grilled, shell-on white prawn for $7, the same price as the pho tai nam. Usually, the happy hour menu has cocktails priced between $6 and $8, but on Sunday and Monday Ba Bar has a $6 cocktails deal for drinks like the old fashioned or Moscow mule. 

Bastille Cafe and Bar
If you're on Ballard Ave, it’s hard to walk past Bastille and not want to head in for a drink or three. The 19th century sconces and other vintage accents are mesmerizing, and there are cozy hearths situated in both the indoor and outdoor seating sections. The covered patio offers ample light for your photographing needs. Bastille’s happy hour goes Monday through Sunday from 4:30-6, and Sunday through Thursday from 10pm-12am. Notable items include the bastille burger with harissa aioli for $8 (you can add cheese for $2), and the lemon and pineapple infused gin fix for $7. Also, take your pick of a house red, white, or rosé carafe for just $10.


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