Image: Facebook
Jerk sandwich on coconut fry bread at Pam's.

Pam’s Kitchen on the corner of 50th and the Ave has long brought a bright splash of Caribbean sunshine and remarkable Trinidadian eats to the U District. A couple of weeks ago the family-owned operation began sharing the love with Eastlake—lunches anyway—in a joint called Pam’s Lunch Kitchen.

Just the rotis (flatbread wraps), coco-bread sandwiches, and special punches comprise PLK’s menu—but that’s okay; they’re the best part. (Oh, and coconut ice cream for after.) I dropped in for lunch last week and spied Pam crafting the coconut-enhanced dough that fries up into the crunchy/fluffy bookends for the jerk chicken sandwich: still the crispy, tender, flavorful, fiery triumph it’s always been, and a steal at $6.50.

According to one of Pam’s extended family members working the register, she opened this mini-branch in anticipation of the upcoming closure of Pam’s Kitchen (probably March) due to building demolition. In time she hopes to reopen that as a Ballard dinnerhouse. Stay tuned.

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