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Drinks and eats at Mamnoon.

Mamnoon, the pan-Middle Eastern lunch- and dinnerhouse on  Capitol Hill, has launched a special daily drink service. Order a drink between 2:30 and 5:30 every day and get a gratis selection of accompanying bites—house-roasted nuts, homemade pickles, a confection perhaps.

Owners Wassef and Racha Haroun introduced this as a tribute to the sociability of bar culture in the Middle East. As was noted in a recent piece in HuffPost, there’s a reason you won’t find a single barstool in Mamnoon. “Wassef says barstools make for solitary experiences, a Western conceit, and the Syrian way is to sit at a table and socialize,” Richard Bangs wrote.

Similar thinking fueled the other enterprise Mamnoon launches next week: Mamnoon Junoon (which means craziness). Starting February 3, the first Monday of every month will showcase set dinners centered on themes, the first of which is North African cuisine after a trip Wassef recently took to visit his son Azmi, studying in Morocco.  Call Mamnoon for details.

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