Kate Becker  
Director, Seattle Office of Film and Music

Score 8/10    

Best answer: 2. Oh my gosh, I should know this because I bought my husband a T-shirt that says the score: 43-8!



Sally Clark   ✓

Seattle City Council Member, Position 9

Score 6/10

Best answer 5. Skittles. That just took me to the whole naked thing [Lynch’s appearance, in the buff, in ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue]. I think he actually looks pretty good. He looks better than I thought he was going to look.


Frank Chopp  ✓
Washington State Representative, 43rd District

Score 8/10

Best answer 6. That must have to do with a linebacker. LLB…hmm. Oh LOB. Legion of Boom. I thought you said LLB.



Suzan DelBene  

Washington State Representative, First District

Score 7/10

Best answer 9. The final catch? In the end zone? In the Packers game? [Ed. note: That would be the Fail Mary, Suzan. In 2012.]


Ed Murray  

Seattle Mayor

Score 3/10

Best answer 4. There’s Safeco Field, then…What’s the name of the phone company I pay every month for the land line I never use? CenturyLink!


Alison Holcomb  ✓

Criminal Justice Director for the ACLU of Washington; also fronted the 2012 marijuana legalization measure, I-502 

Score 3/10

Best answer 4. Qualcomm?


Bruce Harrell  ✓

Seattle City Council Member, Position 3

Score 9/10

Best answer 10. There’s 11 on the field, so the fans are the voice, that part of the team. It’s interesting that they say 12th Man and not 12th Person. I could never get away with that as an elected official.


Jean Godden  ✓

Seattle City Council Member, Position 1

Score 6/10

Best answer 5. Skittles. As a matter of fact, we celebrated with them at city hall, but I like M&Ms better. And Dove. Ohhh, Dove. There’s a lot of good chocolate out there.


C. R. Douglas  ✓

Political Analyst, Q13 Fox

Score 8/10

Best answer I got eight out of 10? Aaron Levine [Q13’s sports director] is going to be so proud of me!

The Answers: 1. Pete Carroll, 2. 43-8, 3. The NFC, 4. CenturyLink Field, 5. Skittles, 6. Legion of Boom, 7. Baltimore Orioles, 8. Wagner, 9. Richard Sherman’s deflection of a last-second pass by Colin Kaepernick in the NFC Championship game, which effectively sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, 10. A football team has 11 players on the field, and the fans—thanks to their support—serve as an unofficial 12th.
This article appeared in the September 2014 issue of Seattle Met.
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