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Nearly 400 PubliCola readers took our poll on Prop. 1, the Metropolitan Parks District measure. 

Survey says: 68.65 percent of you are for the 34 cents per $1,000 of assessed value property tax to permanently fund parks; the MPD would bring in about $47.9 million annually with the owner of a $385,000 home paying about $130 a year.

The current levy—which costs the same owner much less, about $72 a year—brings in about half as much ($23.2 million annually). And it has left parks about $262 million in the red for maintenance.

Thirty-one and a half percent of you said you didn't support the measure.

Here are our pro and con editorials. Here's our direct response to the Seattle Times' anti-Prop 1 position. Here's a guest editorial in support of the measure written by former Mayor Mike McGinn. And here's this week's Cola coverage of the misleading mailer from the Anti-Prop. 1 camp.  



 Tuesday, August 5 is the last day to vote in the actual election. 

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