From top left: Smarty Pants, Matt's in the Market, Georgetown Liquor Company, La Bodega, Serious Biscuit, Rain Shadow Meats Squared, Marination Ma Kai, Homegrown, Dot's Deli

What are you having for lunch?

Chances are you’re grabbing it on the fly and munching it at your desk—the midday repast now a forgotten pleasure, sandwiched between the Most Important Meal and evening’s main event. But what if we offered you a way to really love your lunch? Gave you a list of sandwiches so extraordinary they’re worth every minute in line? Annotated maps to the business districts listing the lunchtime delis and takeout joints that are actually worth a jaunt from the cubicle? Great spots for power lunching—steps from the office and fat-cat approved?

It’s all here. Go eat it up. 

This article appeared in the March 2014 issue of Seattle Met.
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