Need a beauty boost before your Oscar party at your girlfriend's house debut on Sunday? All red carpets lead to Woodinville and Willows Lodge Spa's new oxygen facial.

The lodge is one of a handful of area locations offering the tech-focused treatment from Australian-based skincare brand Intraceuticals; and though it might be new to us in the PNW, celebrities have been proud devotees for years. (Seriously, the Beckhams have an in-house machine and Naomi Campbell calls it an "absolute necessity.")

Image via Intraceuticals

The Rejuvinate facial uses pressurized oxygen to push microparticles of hyaluronic acid (a hydrating substance naturally present in the body), green tea, and vitamins A, C, and E into the skin. An aesthetician waves the Intraceuticals wand over your face, distributing the antioxidant-rich serum, and then applies a sweeping layer of oxygen for increased absorption. The 90-minute session is painless, and results are instant but improve over the following 24 hours. 

We came out of the treatment looking like we'd had a really good night's sleep. The bags under our eyes had tightened, our lips were plumped, and we've been sporting a fresh, dewy glow in the two days since. Ready for that close up, now.

For longer lasting results—and as an alternative to more invasive treatments: fillers, lifts, and the like—Intraceuticals suggests a series of six weekly sessions with monthly maintenance follow ups. And for skin like this we'd say it's an excellent excuse to head to Woodinville.

Facials start at the very Hollywood price of $250 per session when the treatment officially launches at Willows Lodge on March 1

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