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Yes, some of you work very close to this lemongrass banh mi. Don't you want to know if it's you?

A study out of a Canadian business school finds that the more control you have over your lunch break, the better you feel.

Over a ten-day period, more than 100 workers were asked how they spent their lunch hour. The more autonomy they reported, the less fatigue they felt at the end of the day.

Apparently doing what you want to do over lunch is good for your well-being.

That’s where Seattle Met’s March issue comes in. We’ve dedicated it to “doing what you want to do over lunch.” Assuming you want it to include eating.

We’ve munched our way through the districts where many of you work—downtown, Pioneer Square, Belltown, Pike Place Market, South Lake Union—and mapped out precise locations of the best delis, takeouts, and grab-n-go lunch joints. Which downtown takeout sells the greatest variety of takeout soups? Where can you duck in for terrific salads-by-the-pound—sweeping view of Elliott Bay thrown in for free? Looking for vegetarian pho in Belltown? Best sandwich deal near City Hall? Biggest panini selection in South Lake Union?

Look no further than our March issue. In subscriber mailboxes today; on newsstands this week.

(Psst: It also has the 25 best sandwiches in the city…and damn they’re good.)




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