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Yeah, Altstadt's crowded. Where'd all these people park?

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The DOT has issued a website listing hours, rates, and locations for parking lots and garages around Pioneer Square and the Waterfront—just in time for the road closures brought on by SR 99 and seawall construction.

Why should you care?

Because over the last year Pioneer Square has become the place to put a restaurant. Il Corvo for lunch pastas, Bar Sajor for wood-fired meats with fermented accompaniments, London Plane for salads and bread. A sandwich scene to shame the rest of the city, with all the ones you know about plus newbies like Rainshadow Meats and La Bodega. Italian from Tinello, German from Altstadt.

O the irony: Even as jackhammers tear its environs to shreds, Pioneer Square's never been hotter.

Check the website here. It even includes some $3 lots.


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