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The question is not if you've seen Future Beauty yet (because of course you have), it's how many more times you plan on seeing it before it goes to its next stop.

How about this: strolling through en masse. En very stylish masse.

Baby and Co. owner and local tastemaker Jill Donnelly and I will be co-leading one of SAM's Favorite Things tours on Thursday, September 5 at 8 as part of the museum's Community Night Out.

Have you met Donnelly? What a force. What style. And such perspective. Having spent twenty-plus years navigating Seattle retail, worldwide trends, and authentic European style, she's truly an expert. She's also a lot of fun. 

Baroque Braque, 1987, Howard Kottler at SAM.

The Favorite Things tours are just what they sound like: A group walk-and-talk through the collections led not by a museum insider, but by a member of the community. (Or in our case, members.) 

And while the exhibit of the moment is definitely the one with all the amazingly relevant yet breathtakingly historical Japanese fashion in it, it's going to be really fun to freewheel through the joint with stops in the gold gallery and the abstract expressionist halls to draw parallels and perpendiculars about color stories, formal lines, and the esoteric pursuit of beauty.

The Yellow X, 1965, Al Held, American, 1928-2005, acrylic on canvas, 144 1/2 × 178 in at SAM.

SAM's Community Night Out basically makes good on the proverbial something-for-everything, and it's free.

So ... See you there?



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