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Today author and lady of Delancey Molly Wizenberg shared an update on her second book, a follow-up to A Homemade Life. It's an account of how she and husband Brandon Pettit opened their wood-fired pizza restaurant in Ballard, a place that inspires the same sort of fervent allegiance some devote to sports teams, favorite songs, or organized religion.

It's called Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage. And, as Wizenberg explains...

Delancey is not really a cookbook, though it does contain twenty recipes, and it’s not really a book about a restaurant, per se, though it is.  It’s a book about a man with a big idea and a woman (hi!) who wasn’t entirely sold on that idea, a book about learning to work with yeast, fire, heavy machinery, and each other.  It’s a book about muddling through, figuring it out, eating a lot of pizza, making the most of what we got.

While the release date isn't until May 6, Wizenberg shared the cover image on her blog, Orangette, plus some details on the cover process that should gratify the book nerds among us.



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