You think this is pretty, you should really see the bathroom. Image via Canlis's website.

Sure, you love the elegant individual chambers in the Canlis ladies’ room. The periscope Space Needle view from the peeing trough in the mens’ room of the Five Point Café. (“The watering hole at the watering hole,” one regular calls it.) The naked-people pictures at Buca di Beppo. The somehow-even-more-naked women decorating nearly every square inch of the dear departed Copper Gate—including what I understand was some serious girl-on-girl on the ceiling of the mens’ room.

And is Icon Grill still looping constant video of running water in the restrooms? Clevah!

But lately we’ve seen some new twists in the age-old game of restroom décor. A few from recent visits include:

  • Televisions set directly into the mirrors at Assembly Hall, the new Tom Douglas multi-property dining campus in the ground floor of Via6.
  • Warmed toilet seats in at least two restaurants: Mamma Melina near U. Village, and List in Belltown.
  • High-tech, multi-function bidets in the bathrooms at Miyabi 45th in Wallingford. Uh-huh...that was "high-tech bidets."

Other good ones to share, anyone?


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