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Image via Coal Headwear

Still looking for a gift for that hip dad who likes to work with his hands? We've found a winner.

Seattle-based Coal Headwear teamed up with Otter Wax, an all-natural fabric and leather care company out of Portland, to create the classic, simple Richmond cap. The cotton hat comes untreated with a bar of Otter Wax on the side, allowing wearers to custom weatherproof and maintain the cap over time.

Style-focused dudes (and ladies, too—we know some cool chicks who would love this) will be into the hat's on-trend, DIY waxed look, while the more utility-minded will appreciate its ability to keep harsh rays and summer showers at bay.

Find the five-panel Richmond collab cap from SLU-based Snowboard Connection's online store or on for $35.



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