No judgement here if you order a drink at 8am (and some poutine and pie). Photo via Lost Lake's Facebook page.

 Back in September, two big names in Capitol Hill nightlife announced a plan for a new 24-hour diner in the former bathhouse/sex club/insert euphemism here space at 1507 10th Avenue. It didn't even have a name back then, just a promise from David Meinert and Jason Lajuenesse that the place would offer zero pretension, a resemblance to Meinert's 5 Point Cafe, and "the stiffest drinks on the Hill."

Since then the space gained a name, Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, and suffered a fire last month. Today it opens at 8am, theoretically never to close. Some might say the interior has Twin Peaks feel, but I more enjoy senior editor Allison Williams's observation that it reminds her of this diner from Reality Bites. If you overhear someone who looks like Janeane Garofalo disparaging Melrose Place during an emotional speech, feel free to inform her that it is, in fact, a really good show.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Lost Lake's plates sound substantial. On deck this morning are plates of M&M pancakes, a bacon, ham, and sausage scramble, as well as an all-day menu of fried cheese curds, poutine, a pretty good-looking burger, pies, and much much more. Round-the-clock restaurants are relatively rare here in Seattle, and surprisingly so in this nocturnally leaning neighborhood.

Booze starts flowing at 6am and happy hour runs 4 to 6pm, Monday through Friday. A cheeseburger and fries is $2.50. Capitol Hill Seattle blog had a look around this week.

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