Street view of the new Gary Manuel Studio in South Lake Union. Image courtesy Gary Manuel.

There are hair dryers hanging from the ceiling in the new Gary Manuel Studio in South Lake Union. When I toured the sleek, modern, eco-efficient new spot a few weeks ago, this fact pleased me to no end. I can't really explain it, other than I just really like it when things are put away in a place that makes sense—logically and to the eye. 

I was told the placement is ergonomically friendly, too, though I'm not sure anyone ever reported repetitive stress syndrome from picking up and putting down a blow dryer.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Image courtesy Gary Manuel Studio.

But anyway. There are other things about Gary Howse and Manuel Benevich's new spot that convey a similar sense of ease, style, and sustainability. And immediate satisfaction.

If I had to guess, I'd say your favorite thing will be the U Snaps booth; perfect for grabbing a gorgeously lit Facebook or Instagram selfie of your new 'do.

And hey, that new 'do.

The new studio is just that: in the Gary Manuel world there is the flagship salon, where the cuts and colors are very much in the designer price range, and now, with this launch, there are two studios where the price point is lower. But don't assume your look will be any less fantastic. One of our favorite local hair-shapers, Jeff Carlson, is very much holding down the new SLU fort, stylistically speaking. And the rest of the studio's dozen or so designers have been training for this for over a year. 

Keep your eyes open for a better looking South Lake Union—and Seattle—starting now.

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