Prince, Prince logo.svg, Joey Coco, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named—we're never exactly sure what moniker the famous pop star is going by at any given moment. What we are certain of: He's coming to town to play four intimate shows at Showbox at the Market on April 18 and 19.

His people haven't returned our hopeful calls to schedule a shopping date with his majesty, but we rounded up a list of local boutiques to suit Prince's over-the-top royal tastes just in case.

Is that suit from Leroy, Prince?
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Red Light Vintage and Costume
There's a good chance that among Red Light's extensive vintage collection from the '70s and '80s Prince will find one of his actual costume pieces. At the very least there are crushed velvet suit jackets, bell bottoms, and these sunglasses.

Leroy Menswear
You've probably walked by the menswear shop on the way to Pike Place but didn't stop in because you weren't feeling fly enough to rock patent-leather loafers and a fuchsia three-piece suit. You know who is always fly enough? Prince. And that vibrant Harlem Nights look he's been spotted in lately can only be found at Leroy.

John Fluevog Shoes
Did you know Prince clocks in at around 5'2"? It's no wonder he loves a little lift in his shoes. Between Fluevog's selection of chunky-soled sneakers and four-inch zebra booties there's certainly a style to put some spring in his step. We think Fluevog himself had the royal in mind when he created these lofty suede Munster heels.

Karan Dannenberg Clothier
If Prince has ever turned down a colorful fur or oversized ruffle we'd be surprised to hear it, and Karan Dannenberg in Belltown is his best bet for all things Edwardian and leopard print. Styled with the buttons undone and some draped chain necklaces, the shop's modern take on eccentric looks are fit for a king.

David Lawrence
The Bellevue shop's owner David Blackham already picked out Prince's perfect outfit, and it's a lot of leather. "He would surely love our Versace purple and gray leather biker jacket with asymmetrical closure paired with some Built for Man white leather pants and Dsquared2 hinged fish-scale belt," he said.

Looking to see the man and his characteristic duds in person? When we last checked tickets were still available for three out of four of Prince's Showbox Market appearances—that is, if you have $250 burning a hole in your pocket.

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