Capitol Hill's newest hair salon Bang somehow manages to be both stylish and unstuffy, Victorian and modern, high-end and low-key. But the best part? A haircut at Bang doesn't include a drastic trim to your wallet. Owner Casey Nichole believes that nobody should ever pay $90 for a high-quality 'do from her or her team of expert stylists. We chat with the chic coiffeur about the ins-and-outs of the new digs. And just a heads up: Don't try to lick her wallpaper.

Shop Talk: What song or album is playing on your store’s sound system right now?
Nichole: THEESatisfaction. We are so into them right now. I see them on the street around the hill and get all star struck.

What was your first job? How does it compare to your job now?
I served four years at Bank One in collections. It was torture. Turns out the corporate world isn't for me.

What’s your favorite thing in the store right now?
I am obsessed with the wallpaper in the shop. Its a Victorian floral print over a damask print that was handmade in Brooklyn. Everyone asks if its lickable. Weirdos.

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Where do you shop when you’re not at your store?
Totokaleo on Capitol Hill. That store is amazing. It’s curated far better than Barneys and they send you a hand written thank you note after your purchase. Best shoe selection in Seattle for sure.

What do you love about your store’s neighborhood?
Capitol Hill is changing. Everyday it looks different. Whatever your personal opinion on the subject, it's great for business. We have the best clients in the world and most of them live, work and play right here. I see them at dinner and when I'm buying my groceries. For me, its more community than anywhere else I've lived.

What nearby, coffee shops, etc do you recommend?
Porchlight Coffee and Records on Madison is hands down the best on the hill. My girlfriend works at the Stumptown on Pine so she might disagree but, our love for Porchlight is a three-trips-a-day addiction that runs deep.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened in your store?
It's super weird and awesome everyday in here. When you work on the hill you see it all. A lady came in at Christmas time and hung some things on our Christmas tree from her Value Village shopping bag. Mostly plastic jewelry, but it definitely got weird.

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