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Black pepper clams from Kedai Makan: Not your ordinary pub grub.

 First, wow. Sorry about that pun.

In the grueling process of researching next month’s story on bars that are also great restaurants—(pssst: it’s a really big story)—we discovered a parallel trend in this town: bars that aren’t restaurants at all—because nearby eateries partner with them.

Because of their licensing, brewery taprooms and beerhalls are famous for this; joints from the Raven’s Nest at Black Raven Brewing in Redmond to Beer Junction in West Seattle let you order in or bring in your own food. At Black Raven it’s typically pies from nearby Flying Saucer Pizza (the menus are sitting right there on the pub tables) or a hot dog from the cart outside; at Beer Junction, Seattle Fish Company, Pagliacci Pizza, and even Husky Deli have all been known to deliver. (Rumor has it people have even been spied munching takeout fried chicken from Ma’Ono, just 30 seconds away. Easily spotted, they’re the ones with their eyes rolled back in their heads.)

“Our focus is beer, cider, and wine,” a bartender at Beer Junction told me. “We’re happy to team up with local restaurants: They can do what they do best, we can do what we do best.”

Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle offers guests a whole book of menus, including Abbondanza for pizza and Kokoras for Greek. The astonishingly well-stocked Uber Tavern up near Green Lake encourages ordering pizza from nearby Da Vinci. (And heads-up, dog-lovers: Tavs that don’t make food on-premise sometimes define “service dog” very broadly.)

In the more-than-just-beer department: Dinette and the new Kedai Makan keep the Olive Way cocktail bar Montana in sandwiches and Malaysian food, respectively. 

Know of any other great food/drink partnerships? Do tell.

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