Proof that some amazing stuff goes through our local Goodwill shops (though it might not always get a price tag): This hundred-and-something year old beaded Native American vest.


"Seattle Goodwill realized the historical value of this vest and thought it would be most beneficial to the community to donate it to the Burke Museum," said Catherine McConnell, vice president of development and communications for Seattle Goodwill via a press release.  "We are able to support our free job training and education programs with the generous donations from the community which we value very much, but when we see an item of such cultural significance it should be shared with an organization that can preserve it for the community."

The vest was found tucked in a trunk; local appraisers say it "thread-sewn and most likely belonged to the Blackfoot tribe around the period of 1900-1920. It may have been made for the tourist trade and sold at railway stations."

I say the Burke—and future generations, and maybe hip-pop audiences—are just lucky Macklemore didn't find it first.

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