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Evening Magazine's new designer reality show The Look pits 10 local talents against each other in challenges meant to stretch their creativity and push their limits. We're tuning into the nightly program to find out who's in, and who's out, and bringing you all the design details.

Below we recap the final two episodes. Watch the whole series for yourself online here.

Image via Julie Danforth's Facebook page.

Episode Four: Love Seat

Dave Masin of Masins Fine Furnishings challenges the remaining designers—plus Julie Danforth who was eliminated in the second episode but brought back by random selection—to create an outfit out of upholstery fabric. The garments are generally better than previous episodes. Danforth wins with a safe patterned dress. For reasons unstated, Justin Zachary Bartel and Lisa Hunter are sent home.

Honestly I'm having trouble caring at this point. When Monica Kitchen left she took all the drama with her.

With the evening's eliminations the final three designers are determined: Tina Witherspoon, Julie Danforth, and Maxwell Cunanan.

Episode Five and Finale: Ostrich-Embossed Polyester

For the finale, the designers are each given the same materials—3 yards of 5 different fabrics—and are tasked with creating an outfit from each textile. The looks would then be blindly judged in groups by fabric, meaning that all the beige polyester garments would be shown in a group, followed by the ostrich-embossed charcoal polyester ones (yes, you read that right), and so on.

Witherspoon's is boho chic and my personal favorite. Danforth sends out a series of simple Audrey Hepburn–inspired looks. Cuanan's collection might be a hit with Vegas showgirls.

Spoiler Alert:
Danforth wins
. There's a confetti cannon. She takes home a $10,000 prize package. And I'm legitimately happy for her.

But I'm also happy this series is over.

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