Typically when I come across a hip bag or trendy top on Pinterest or Tumblr I assume that it'll just have to remain in the realm of the Internet. Rarely are things tagged or linked with info that would actually allow me to buy them—so imagine my surprise when these ombre tights that I repinned ages ago turned out to not only be real and available for purchase, but made right here in Seattle

Image: BZR

Parsons grad Tiffany Ju started making the dyed legwear for herself in early 2012. When her friends started requesting their own pairs, Ju was convinced that she was onto something. She put her project on Etsy under the ambiguous business name BZR, and the rest is viral history.

"On the third day after I put them online the tights were posted on Tumblr and spread like fire within hours. It was so exciting and really unbelievable at first. But after about a day I realized I needed to find a different production method so I could make them faster," says Ju of her overnight popularity.

To speed up production, the designer custom built all her own equipment and has since perfected the complicated ombre process in her Sodo studio. BZR tights have been featured in Brazil's Glamour magazine, the Martha Stewart Show, and on Elle France's blog.

The trendy tights are available for $25 to $40 in the BZR Etsy shop and can be found in Ballard's Velouria next month. Shop Talk readers can use online discount code HELLOSEATTLE for 25 percent off through March 8.

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