The Look is officially live. The designer reality show pits 10 local talents against each other in challenges meant to stretch their creativity and push their limits. We're tuning into the nightly program to find out who's in, and who's out, and bringing you all the design details.

The show is actually a segment on KING 5's evening magazine, which means only about 10 minutes of the half hour program are devoted to the reality series.
Pros: The show is condensed into the bare bones, making it a quick watch, and we love seeing local designers in action.
Cons: Virtually no drama, no debates among the judges, no tension. Oh, and mega product placement.

Below we recap the first three episodes. Tune in to Evening Magazine weeknights at 7 through February 25 to see the style unfold for yourself.

Designer Iris Klein works in the Redmond studio. Image from show's Facebook page.

Episode One: Spring Accessories

In the first episode David Blackham of David Lawrence challenges the designers to create a cocktail dress inspired by one of the shop's spring accessories. Contestants are then given $100 and 30 minutes to pick up supplies at Nancy's Sewing Basket before heading to their Redmond studio where they have a total of 14 hours to put a look together and send it down the runway.

Monir Zandghoreishi, head of fashion and merchandising at International Academy of Design and Technology, serves as Tim Gunn—keeping the designers in order and making what-are-you-thinking faces.

The most drama we get is Monica Kitchen's near constant panic and a general sense of last-minute urgency from all the designers. On the runway, everything seems fine. Deyonte' Weather's on-trend colorful peplum number is by far the best, and he takes home the win. Iris Klien and Sonya Chehade are both eliminated: Klien's banana-yellow dress. Chehade's strapless gown has some serious chest issues.

Episode Two: Upcycling

For this challenge, contestants are given $70 and 30 minutes to shop at Goodwill and create a designed based on the spring 2013 lookbook from Neiman Marcus. Again, they have 14 hours to work and, again, Kitchen's panic is really that most drama that goes down.

We wish there would have been some more shots of the original pieces so we could see what the designers actually did (Weather's sequined cocktail dress looks like it just came off the rack). Tina Witherspoon's chic dress and leather jacket combo take home the prize. Check out her blog for the details on her winning design.

Julie Danforth gets sent home for a strange blue halter top, and we say goodbye to Weather for who-knows-what reason.

Episode Three: The Wall

Guest judge Vincent Lippy presented the designers with challenge number three: create a garment out of artisan wallpaper from his shop SJW Studios. The catch? They also have to incorporate the logo from a Neuro sports drink. I can't even pretend this isn't supremely annoying.

Witherspoon wins again with a structured Victorian gown that is definitely the best thing we've seen from the show so far. She manages to minimize the Neuro-ness of it by placing a simple crest of the logo on the back. Gingerlyn Bellus, who crafted flowers from the plastic bottles, wasn't so lucky. We also say goodbye to Monica Kitchen, whose look was more paper bag than wallpaper chic.

Check back next week as we recap the final three challenges and find out who takes home the $10,000 prize package. Missed an episode? Watch the competition online here.

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