Cary Kemp, owner of Pizzeria 22, unveiled his new Italian-inspired restaurant Quadrato this week at 4302 SW Oregon Street. Kemp describes his spot as primarily a good Italian sandwich place, but one that also serves Sicilian-style pizzas. They're cut into squares, which is the inspiration for the restaurant's name.

The space is small, with only eight seats inside, so getting food to go will probably be the default. Fortunately sandwiches and pizzas both lend themselves to travel. And speaking of travel, many of the ingredients are imported form Naples and appear in both pizza and sandwiches.

The pizzas are obviously a bit different from the Neapolitan ones at Pizzeria 22, Quadrato's VPN-certified sibling. Kemp described them as toasty and cheesy; they're available by the whole pie or square, with a piece of pepperoni going for $4.75. The sandwiches range from $6.50 to $9.95, served cold or grilled, and come with a side of macaroni salad. Here's the full menu; I'm into that veal meatball sub. 

By far the most memorable item on the dessert menu is the “Bopporino”, or a Hostess Ding Dong topped with peanut butter. Kemp jokes that the dessert is "very white trash," though it has earned praise from once-skeptical family members. And with Ding Dongs increasingly hard to come by, this dish could technically be labeled a delicacy.

This is Kemp’s first solo venture, and he is already thinking about expanding the space. Quadrato is open daily form 11-8 pm.


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