You could be eating Cafe Lago's lasagne in your jammies. Just sayin'.

Seattle is the latest market to get Caviar, a restaurant delivery service that has been bringing dinners to homes and businesses in New York City and San Francisco, in amounts big or small.

Usually the delivery fee is $9.99 per order. In Seattle it’s being waived through the month of October to introduce us to its charms.

Delivery services we got—in spades. Most of the restaurant ones offer delivery from the pizzerias and global holes-in-the-wall we frequent in our individual neighborhoods.

Caviar’s different, offering a selection—and often a wide one—from the menus of some of Seattle’s very favorite restaurants. Thirteen restaurants and counting. Choose dishes from Japonessa, Skillet Counter, Wayward Vegan Café. Without leaving your home you can enjoy Café Lago’s justly fabled lasagne. The chilaquiles from Senor Moose Café. Hanoi tuna and Sichuan green beans from Wild Ginger.

The ordering boundaries reach north to about 95th and south to—well frankly, not far south enough, ending just shy of Columbia City and Georgetown. You’ve got ten more days to try them for free.


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