Missy Cross hanging out in the Sun Liquor's distillery

Southern belle Missy Cross, of Sun Liquor on Pike, has made Seattle her home for about nine years now. Before bartending, she says she worked "just about every other job in the front of house" and, for a time, moonlighted as a political organizer for a nonprofit. Cross's seven-year bartending career has included stints at the Elysian Brewing Company, the Dragonfish Asian Cafe, and the Can Can. These days, if she's not at Sun Liquor, you might be lucky enough to have Missy Cross pour you a cold one at Capitol Cider

Here, five questions for Missy Cross:

What's everyone ordering at Sun Liquor these days?

We just released our rums, so people have been drinking a lot of Sun Liquor rum cocktails. I've been making a lot of Sun Aged Rum Old Fashioneds. As the weather cools off, we have a lot more folks wanting to sip something strong and spirits forward. I get to give my juicer a bit of a break and stir up something nice and warming.

What's the best drink you make?

I don't believe there is a correct answer to this question. People often ask me, and I tell them just that. Everyone has a different palate and preference for spirits. Like it sweet? Allergic to cherries? Really into Amaros? Let's talk about it and I can mix you up a cocktail that is tailored to suit your tastes.

What's the most underrated spirit?

In Seattle, I'd have to say brandy. It's just as versatile and delicious as rum or whiskey. I've been nerding out on Calvados lately. Plus, when I sip a snifter, I feel like I'm in a Noir film.

What bar do you like to frequent when not at Sun Liquor?

I love Il Bistro because it's sexy and dark. They have a great staff and there is usually a good mix of tourists and industry folks hanging out there. I feel the same way about Rob Roy. I also have a serious soft spot for the Nitelight Lounge. They have the price per shot Sharpied onto the bottles!

What is the craziest thing you've ever seen happen in a bar?

I've seen proposals, break ups, fist fights, and way too much making out. Once, a friend of mine swore she saw a ghost standing right behind me. (I didn't actually see the ghost.)

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