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WHERE: World HQ for local designer Rian Berry's two handbag lines: Rian and Poverty Flats; 159 Western Ave W, Suite 457



WHAT: A sample sale. You see, the downtown Seattle showroom isn't going to be HQ for much longer. Berry and his wife Julie are moving their operations to New York.

When the Berrys have hosted similar sales in the past, the feedback has been very, very good. Serviceable, trend-aware, decently priced totes and carryalls for men and women normally priced around $80 are offered for about $55, there are lots of styles and colors to choose from, and everyone feels good about the off-loading.


Fixtures and racks and other storage and presentation furniture will also be priced to move, so our question this time around is: which local designer is going to swoop in and score the necessary accoutrement for their HQ?

WHEN: Thursday, January 17 from 9 to 9

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