As of January 31, Moms, Maids, and More in Bellevue with be no more. The team will operate off-site to ensure that all of the bridesmaids and MOBs in the mix for the 2013 season are all taken care of, but then the kind and lovely former CPA will be on to the next adventure.

Considering how many weddings she's been a part of over the last ten years since Merry Beth Turpin (of Aisle of View) and Wendy Wojcik (of Weddings with Wendy) suggested she fulfil her retail dreams with a shop focused on the big day's other important ladies, we couldn't help but ask her to indulge us in a conversation about weddings and celebrations.

Erin Green as photographed for the summer/fall 2008 edition of Seattle Met Bride & Groom.

ShopTalk: What changes have you seen in the world of weddings over the years?

Green: Well, Spanx have made everyone’s life a little easier. But if I were to summarize my view of weddings now versus nine years ago, I feel like weddings are much more of a production than they used to be. That is not necessarily a bad thing—it is truly amazing some of the things you can incorporate to enhance the celebration. But, it breaks my heart when, for example, I see a bride losing sleep over whether or not it will be too windy on her wedding day for her custom (and extraordinarily expensive) fireworks show to take place. There is no correlation between your wedding budget and the degree of happiness in your marriage. Two people celebrating their love for each other will create their own fireworks.

Can you tell us a really bizarre or unusually sweet story that stands out after all those years?

Ha! Well, we will have to keep the bizarre between you, me, and a bottle of wine.  But I have several sweet stories I have encountered. Some of my favorites have been couples celebrating anniversaries of more than 50 years. To be blessed with good health and a love that strong really is a special thing. All of those couples had a few things in common: they were still completely enamored with each other, laughed together (and teased each other), and genuinely enjoyed being around each other. Another favorite of mine was a couple for which it was a second wedding for each: a widow and widower. Both had extremely happy first marriages, and neither person had the expectation that they would fall in love again. However, they found each other, and realized that their hearts did have room to love again. Not a replacement love, but a love that brought a fulfilling and intimate companionship again.

What do you want brides and bridal parties to know about the closing?

I did not want our brides to be caught off guard by the news, so my staff and I contacted each of our brides individually to explain the change prior to the news being made public. The business will continue to operate behind-the-scenes into early summer until all of our current events have been wrapped up and all of the gowns that people have ordered have been delivered. So, even though our doors are closing January 31, I assure you, I am not disappearing. Our email address will stay the same (info @, and when our phone number changes, that information will be updated on our site. On a more personal note, I want all of our customers, past and present, to know how grateful I am their enthusiasm and desire to support a local business.

(Side note: Green may be too polite to say it, but we're not: there's a clearance sale in progress; up to 75 percent off everything—everything—in the store.)

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