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How'd you do with your holiday shopping?

If you thought of checking out this all-ages art idea from the Aviary that we recommended but didn't, check this out:

The Ballard shop-in-shop (it's a separate but connected entity to Blackbird, the mens' shop) is giving away free sheets of sun-sensitive Nature Paper through the end of the month.


Sun prints, as featured on the Apartment Therapy blog.

Pick one up, take it out, and give it a little bit of yourself. And quick, now, while the sun is actually out.

And then, sign and return the paper to enter to win a free Lomography camera. 

What's up with all the free stuff in Ballard? Co-creator Ken Mitchell is serious about creativity. I met the former toy producer, designer, and executive (his career history is both impressive and fun) right before the winter holidays and I'm telling you: he's serious about making stuff fun again.

To that end, the shop stocks all kinds of idea- and project-starters, but perhaps moreover, Mitchell himself is a catalyst. Friendly enough to not be pushy, but pushy enough to be more than just the blandly supportive friend who knows your talented but keeps inviting you out for cocktails when you should be out shooting film or painting canvases. You know what I mean?

The winner will be announced—and the neighborhood's art will be on view—at the shop's February 2 opening event.


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