Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan's credibility has been hammered by a series of fact checks on everything from the soundbites he used in his convention speech to his marathon time.

Oy. Yesterday, he got busted for exaggerating his mountain climbing prowess.

For today's installment of "One Question," we feel compelled to ask Ryan this:

Where's the valley—name the U.S. state it's in—that true capitalists should retreat to if Barack Obama is reelected?

Which is our way of asking if Ryan has—as he's certainly claimed—actually read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

At this point, we wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know who Dagny Taggart was.

We don't have access to Ryan—he's only doing private fundraisers when he comes to Washington State next week— but we do hope someone on the national campaign beat eventually tests Ryan's defining biographical claim by giving him an Atlas Shrugged pop quiz.
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